Atlantis Financiers introduce business loans

Atlantis Financiers introduce business loans | Viventor

Atlantis Financiers, the Dutch invoice financing provider and one of the first Loan Originators on Viventor has expanded its service portfolio and now offers asset-based business loans to companies in the Netherlands.

Atlantis lends to established SMEs with a proven track record. Up to date, Atlantis Financiers has not had any loss on a customer or written of even a single loan.

We are always looking the same direction as our clients. Our factoring business offers a flexible and customizable service for Dutch and Belgian businesses. In order to keep up with the growing needs of our customers, we are adapting our scope of services,“ comments Lex Gielen of Atlantis Financiers.

Atlantis Financiers business loans on Viventor marketplace


Atlantis Financiers will offer the same 90-day buyback on all of its business loans as well.

Update your AutoInvest settings by including Atlantis Financiers now. Remember to include business loans as a loan type, and Netherlands as a country!

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