Ibancar Joins Viventor

Ibancar Joins Viventor | Viventor

We are happy to announce another partnership with a new loan originator from Spain – Ibancar.

Founded in 2014, Ibancar is an established fintech company specialized in asset-based lending. Ibancar offers personal loans secured against second hand cars and is now a popular alternative to traditional consumer lending.

Ibancar provides consumers loans from EUR 1’200 to EUR 6’000 for terms up to 36 months. The company has developed the product over the last four years and Ibancar has issued loans totaling over EUR 1’200’000 with zero credit losses to date.

“At Ibancar we focus on consumer needs which means our loans are easy to understand, fast and available 100% online. We are establishing ourselves as an innovative leader in this sector and take pride in our good reputation and ethical approach to lending, ‘’ comments Ester Ruiz Nunez, Director of Ibancar.

Ibancar loans on Viventor marketplace

Ibancar will offer loans with maturities up to 36 months. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 10 p.a. All loans will be secured by a 60-day Buyback Guarantee.

Update your AutoInvest settings by including Ibancar now. Remember to include consumer credit loan type and Spain as a country as well!

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