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New Version of AutoInvest | Viventor

The first few months have been quite challenging for all of us here in Viventor. Amongst other things, our main focus has been on product development, and investors’ feedback has been, is, and will be of immense importance in order to improve the platform.

Undeniably, one of the biggest pain points so far has been the AutoInvest. For that reason, we are especially happy to announce and deliver to you the newest version of AutoInvest. The system is not perfect and will be modified as we go forward. However, compared to the initial version, there are quite a few improvements.

So, what has changed?

— You are now able to enter any amount as your “Portfolio Size”. For example, the maximum size limit can be EUR 1’000’000 while you have only EUR 2’000 on your account.

— Reinvesting is back. While there is no separate option to enable it, you can simply set the “Portfolio Size” bigger than funds available on your account. If the system will se excess capacity and funds available, earnings will be reinvested.

— AutoInvest execution is almost instant from now on, as opposed to the previous logic, when requests were queued and executed once every hour.

— Your funds will not be “frozen” within the AutoInvest anymore. For example, if you have EUR 5’000 available, and launch a new portfolio, your Cash position won’t change unless an actual investment has been placed.

— You can now invest in multiple loan types within one AutoInvest portfolio.

— By increasing “Maximum Investment In One Loan” field, the system will increase your positions in the loans you already invested in.

— You can set the remaining loan term also by days now.

What’s next for the AutoInvest?

Our long-term mission is to offer not only customisable AutoInvest feature, but also presets of AutoInvest, offering appropriate returns for certain levels of risk tolerance. This will make the investing process more seamless and straightforward.

We will also be introducing simulation element, allowing you to test-run an AutoInvest portfolio and see all the loans included within it, before confirming and executing it.

Another feature on our to-do list is projected cash-flow development, both at an General Account level, and AutoInvest Portfolio level.

Of course, there are also many other improvements coming, not directly related to the AutoInvest.

What is the next feature you wish to see introduced? Let us know. And give a try to our latest AutoInvest feature now!

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