Sofcom Joins Viventor

Sofcom Joins Viventor | Viventor

It is our pleasure to announce another partnership with an established lender – Sofia Commerce Pawnshops (SofCom) from Bulgaria.

Founded in 1993, Sofia Commerce Pawnshops is the biggest pawnbroking lender in Bulgaria. It currently operates 130 pawnshops and has expanded to Macedonia. Sofcom is the only pawnshop chain that has been listed on Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE Code: 6SOA).

In addition to the traditional pawnshop business model, Sofia Commerce Pawnshops has developed a unique digital pawnshop which allows their costumers to gain access to funds under 24 hours without leaving their home.

Over the years, Sofcom has maintained stable profitability with profit per share of BGN 42.7 in 2016 and BGN 55.4 in 2015. Due to their large reserves and undivided profit, their current D/E ratio is at astonishing 5.5% (Q4,2017). To learn more, you can find their financial statements in our Loan Originator section.

Sofia Commerce Pawnshops loans on Viventor marketplace


Sofcom will offer its pawnbroking loans from Bulgaria secured by borrowers’ personal assets. Operating at low LTV ratios, underlying collateral provides liquidity in case of borrower not being able to repay the loan.

The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 10%p.a.

Update your AutoInvest settings by including Sofia Commerce now. Remember to include Pawnbroking loan type and Bulgaria as a country as well!

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