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New Version of AutoInvest

The first few months have been quite challenging for all of us here in Viventor. Amongst other things, our main focus has been on product development, and investors’ feedback has been, is, and will be of immense importance in order to improve the platform.Undeniably, one of the biggest pain points so far has been the

Debunking 5 Myths About Peer-to-peer Lending

Myths naturally invade all walks of life and investment is no exception. We’ve picked up and debunked some common myths about peer-to-peer lending. Here are our top-five:1. «You need a lot of money to get started»«It takes money to make money». It’s a phrase that unfortunately stops people from investing before they even start. On

5 Questions For Peer-to-Peer Investors

For quite a while, peer-to-peer financing has been widely discussed as “the next big thing in financial services. But concluding from what the data tells us – it is not a matter of discussion anymore. Early market entrants are rapidly expanding, some of them already turning profitable, and the amount of emerging platforms trying to