Viventor enters in collaboration with VIA SMS Group, improves transparency and safety

Viventor enters in collaboration with VIA SMS Group, improves transparency and safety | Viventor

VIA SMS Group, an international consumer lender with presence in 6 markets, and Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace has entered in collaboration. VIA SMS Group will offer single payment loans originated from its Swedish branch, ViaConto Sweden, on Viventor platform.

The loans listed will vary between 7 and 30 days in maturity and 500 to 11’500 SEK (~50-1200 EUR) in amount. All loans will offer a 12% annual return, and come with a 30 day Buyback Guarantee – in case of borrower payment delay for 30 days, ViaConto will repurchase the loan, repaying principal in full, accrued interest and late payment fees. The loans will be listed in Euros, relieving investors from associated currency risks. ViaConto will retain a minimum 5% stake in every single loan.

“Since the day when Viventor was launched, our goal has been to connect trustworthy non-bank lenders and investors from all over Europe. Welcoming an experienced lender like VIA SMS Group on Viventor platform certainly helps us move towards the target set. Moreover, adding loans from Sweden, with several other countries in pipeline as candidates offers the great opportunity of geographic investment diversification across developed markets for our investors,” states Andris Rozenbahs, CEO of Viventor.

Deniss Serstjukovs, VIA SMS Group: “It is with great pleasure that VIA SMS Group joins the Viventor peer-to-peer lending platform. VIA SMS Group was founded in 2009 and operates in 6 markets. In the past 7 years we have experienced rapid growth, employing over 150 people and achieving a record Net profit of 1.66M in 2015. To this day VIA SMS Group has underwritten an excess of 1M loans (229M in value) and holds close to 800K unique users in its portfolio. Whilst constantly evolving our risk scoring technologies and expanding our services portfolio with global partners, such as Mastercard, we aim to deliver investors access to a lucrative and sustainable business.”

Viventor has also launched public Statistics section, and is soon to release Loan Originators’ section on its website, publishing additional information and Financial Data about its lending partners.

Moreover, Viventor has agreed to terms with Certified Auditor Office “Sandra Dzerele & Partneris” to protect investors in case of platform going out of business. On a monthly basis, Viventor provides all platform’s data to the aforementioned Auditor Office that ensures safe storage of the data. Should the unlikely scenario of Viventor going out of business play out, “Sandra Dzerele & Partneris” will provide all data to assigned liquidator, and collaborate with the liquidator to ensure sound servicing of all outstanding investments and Viventor’s clients’ funds.

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