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How it works?

Viventor is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that connects non bank lenders from the one side, and investors all across Europe from the other side.

Lending companies independently select their borrowers, issue loans, and offer these loans on Viventor. Further on, investors can select from the pool of loans listed, and invest in ones meeting their requirements.

Viventor's business model provides access to "crowd capital" for the lenders, and makes investing simple and accessible for investors!

Why invest with us?


After investing, your money and returns come back to you on a monthly basis. Reinvest or cash it out – the decision is yours.


Let's keep it simple – register, deposit funds to your account, await approval, and start investing to get solid returns.


It's like taking a direct flight. Viventor provides the connection between the investors and the borrowers. No middleman, no hidden parties, no astronomic commissions!


Be your own investment manager! No more brokers making fortune from your money.


50 € is all that it takes to open an account, with minimum investment per loan being just 10 €. Most rich people started small.


No hidden fees. No undisclosed procedures. All the unnecessary friction removed.


To become an investor, just fill in the registration form, confirm your identity and start selecting the loans you wish to invest in!

Select & Invest

Browse through the available opportunities, invest in the ones aligned with your preferences, or simply set up an AutoInvest portfolio, and our system will do the rest.


Get returns on your investments, or sell your stakes purchased on the secondary market. Reinvesting your earnings or cashing them out – that's a decision we leave to you!


Primary market

Primary market

On the Primary Market, you can see all of the loans open for investments, listed by the loan originators. See the information about the borrower, the collateral, projected interest, repayment schedule, and more. Hand-pick and invest in the offerings that align with your preferences the best.

Secondary market

Secondary market

Wish to exit some of your investments prior they have reached the maturity? List them on the Secondary market, giving other investors the opportunity to repurchase your stakes. Sell them at a discount, add a premium, or grow your own portfolio by purchasing other investors' shares.

Primary market


Putting all of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. Achieve diversification by setting up a portfolio with AutoInvest. Enter your desired parameters, and you're good to go! Reduce risk, save time, and take care of other business while your money is working for you.

Don’t wait to invest. Invest. Wait.

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