Sofcom Joins Viventor

It is our pleasure to announce another partnership with an established lender – Sofia Commerce Pawnshops (SofCom) from Bulgaria.Founded in 1993, Sofia Commerce Pawnshops is the biggest pawnbroking lender in Bulgaria. It currently operates 130 pawnshops and has expanded to Macedonia. Sofcom is the only pawnshop chain that has been listed on Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Viventor Cashback Kampaņa

Investēšana ar Viventor ir kļuvusi vēl izdevīgāka. Mēs esam izveidojuši Cashback kampaņu, kas ļaus visiem, kas reģistrējas portālā no 1. Marta, 2018 līdz 30. Aprīlim, 2018 un izpilda visus nosacījumus, iegūt 10 € bonusu, kas tiks pievienots investora virtuālajam kontam.Kā tas strādā?Lai sāktu, reģistrējies kā investors, spiežot uz pogas zemāk. Atceries, reģistrēšanās termiņš ir 30.

GetBucks Joins Viventor

It is our pleasure to announce the collaboration between Viventor and MyBucks, a leading FinTech company that operates a range of financial products and services across 13 countries worldwide. The company will list the loans originated in Kenya under GetBucks brand.Founded in 2011, MyBucks has established itself as a scene-setting market pioneer when it comes to modern financial services. Operating

Aforti Finance Joins Viventor

We’re excited to announce that Aforti Finance from Poland has joined Viventor. Established in 2009, Aforti Finance is one of the leading small and medium size business loan providers in Poland. Its holding company Aforti Holding, is a rapidly growing financial services provider listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2011. Apart from lending activities, Aforti Holding also operates

Presto Joins Viventor

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest partner, Presto. The company will be listing its Spanish line of credit product on Viventor marketplace.Launched in Q3 2017, Presto is one of the first non-bank lenders in the Spanish market to offer a credit line solution to consumers. Powered by Prestamos Prima and Finstar Financial Group, Presto has set its ambition to provide a more